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Hi! I’m Karen Ivy – I’m a nature-lover who is passionate about art, teaching children and learning about the medicinal properties of herbs. I also love history and politics and think the most important question ever is: How are we to live?

Until recently I taught English as a foreign language in the classroom as well as writing educational materials, but since the pandemic I’ve been working from home. I spend my time writing for publishers and presenting webinars for teachers. I also create my own resources for my TPT store. I especially love writing fun and useful activities for children and teens!


If I could spend all my time painting and drawing, I would. My favourite mediums are oils and acrylic gouache. You can see a selection of my work on Redbubble. I’m also lucky enough to be able to exhibit my work in bars, cafes and restaurants in and around Bilbao, where I live.


I spend part of my time in a little house the countryside in the north of Burgos where I’m learning how to grow things. I just love being able to spend time surrounded by Nature.


Finally what can be more fun than collaborating on art projects? A dream of mine I share with some friends is to create gorgeous household products that make people feel like their home’s an art gallery. Who knows if we’ll make it happen? Isn’t life an adventure?


Karen Ivy