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I’m really excited to share a story I wrote for my class of 4 year olds learning English a few years ago. The story works just as well with children whose first language is English. It’s a funny story about fish in a pet shop. They come in all shapes and sizes – which one will the girl take home?

I’ve had this resource in my TPT store for some time, but I recently updated it and that’s why I’d like to share it with you. The illustrations are bolder (thank you, Procreate!), the text is in a really lovely and easy to read font (KA fonts are wonderful), and there are now two activities to do with your children afterwards, instead of just one. I’ve included a full lesson plan (also updated!).

What’s more, this resource is free! I hope you’ll download it and find it as useful and enjoyable to do with your classes as I have. And if you want to use the black and white mini-books for your students (to make, read and colour*), they’re available as a separate resource for a small fee.

Here’s a link to the Free Lots of Fish! rhyming story and activities.

Here’s a review I received on the new version:

I’d love you to leave feedback in my TPT store if you and your students liked it!

* the story and activities are suitable for both US and British English